Antioch 3.03

It is a utility which allows you to type classical Greek and Hebrew in Word
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Antioch is a useful add-on for Microsoft Word, for versions starting from 97 and up to 2007. This add-on installs the support for typing in the Coptic, Hebrew and classical Greek languages. The add-on consists of three small toolbars, and each one is named according to the language for which it provides options. The program supports all diacritics and vowel points for the previously mentioned languages.
The installation process is very simple and easy to perform and it doesn’t require any additional library or program to run, except for the Hebrew support for Microsoft Windows XP users, who are required to install complex script and right-to-left language files, which are found on the language settings of Windows control panel.
There are many other interesting features like the "AutoCorrect" option which saves a lot of your time and efforts by inserting diacritics and vowel points automatically. The program installs fully programmable Greek and Hebrew keyboards. Each language can be easily turned on/off according to your needs.
There's a very informative help document for you to learn more about the program. Definitely, it's worth to try this program!

Mark Adeeb
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